• Yuba Expeditions

    208 Main St, Downieville, CA 95910, USA .

    Are you interested in experiencing the Lost Sierra on a whole new level?! Do you want to go deeper into the woods and explore knife blade ridges, pristine glacial lakes and more parts unknown? We have what you need!

    Yuba Expeditions is your one-stop destination for all things mountain biking.

    Trail and race shuttles leave from the Carriage House Inn parking lot during the biking season

    (530) 289-3010 for more details and shuttle information.

  • Downieville Outfitters

    312 Main Street, Downieville, CA 95936, USA .

    Downieville's longest running bike shop and mountain bike shuttle service in the Sierra Buttes — home to the world famous Downieville Downhill!

    Downieville Outfitters has been our go-to recreation shop for 23 years, so they know how to get you and your bike safely and comfortably to the top for good times you will always remember. 

    Trail and race shuttles leave from the Carriage House Inn parking lot during the biking season :

    (530) 289-0155 for further details and shuttle information.

  • St. Charles Place Bar

    203 Main Street, Downieville, CA, USA .

    The iconic gold rush era saloon complete with card-room, billiards, and a deck overlooking the river. Their wooden bar was at one point, the longest bar in California!  Vintage gun collections and taxidermied animals adorn the walls, creating it's own Downieville charm. See how many "risque" vintage signs you can count, catch a game of pool, listen to the unlimited songs on the modern juke box, enjoy cold air-conditioning, and chat with locals who can tell you stories about the many good times had in the St. Charles Place! 

  • Yuba Theatre

    212 Main St, Downieville, CA 95936, USA .

    The Yuba Theatre is located in the center of Downieville, the county seat of Sierra County. Originally a movie house, the theater has been operated as an arts venue by the Sierra County Arts Council since 1996. Using volunteer labor exclusively, the Arts Council has added a fully functional stage and tech booth, as well as a number of other amenities.

    With its 186 seats, the Yuba Theatre is the only fixed-seat theater in Sierra County. Many community events - including movies, film festivals, musical presentations, dance classes, school drama and community theater productions, book signings, slide shows, lectures, conferences, and meetings have been held there in its long history.

    The Yuba Theatre has been recognized and showcased by National Geographic and the Sierra Nevada Geotourism Council as one of the best destinations for travelers seeking an authentic experience of the region.  The theater listing can be found on the Sierra Nevada Geotourism website.